Let's Recycle delivers all the material to its Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF). The material is received and emptied into our secure warehouse, where it is weighed and the equivalent is entered into customer's account, sorted into different grades, baled and then finally sent to a recycling mill. Let's Recycle sells the material to recycling mills and provide hygienic working environment to its staff.

No. Let's Recycle is the "facilitator" in the recycling process, Let's Recycle provides containers, collects regularly, processes and sends to mills to use as raw material and make new products.

Old newspaper is used to make new paper for printing or it is used in making roof and felt paper for the construction industry. Cardboard boxes are recycled to make new cardboard paper.

White and colored office paper is used to strengthen other paper materials (like cardboard) and also used to make new office paper. Plastic bottles are cleaned and re-grinded into granules and made into various products of household / industrial use and new plastic containers (though never food containers).

Aluminium is melted down and used to make new aluminium products.

Metal containers or steel are melted down and used to make new steel products. Glass bottles are reused or crushed and used for road fill, or cullet to make new glass products.

MRF usually process the waste in 3 to 5 days, and sends to recycler when the lot size is as per recycler's requirement.

No, only thing you need do is to put it into Let's Recycle Bins, we will do all the sorting.

Service agreements let us plan for capital expenditures (i.e. trucks and containers) and itemize the services we provide to our clients so that both parties are clear on what is going to be provided and when. The service agreement also gives us clearance from our clients to be on site and service their recycling and waste removal needs.

In some cases, we need to charge for services to recover the cost of labour, collection, processing and recycling. Mostly the events where there is mixed waste including food, the cost of labour on handling are high; hence the same needs to be considered. Usually the estimate is given before the event and Let's recycle does not compromise on quality which comes at a price.

Please make sure containers are empty – no need to rinse them or remove labels.

Mixed containers are all glass, metal and plastic containers – we do the sorting for you.