Control Facility Management

A Control Facility Management contract with NEPRA cost-effective and comprehensive waste management practices reducing your organization's carbon footprint and making it environmentally sustainable.

Key benefits include:
  • Environmental experts and years of experience curating services fit for your organization

  • Compliance with different norms, protocols and standards

  • Helping your organize achieve Zero Waste to Landfill

  • Budgeted and comprehensive waste management practices- for both Dry and Wet Waste

  • Improving your organization's sustainability credentials and helping its public image as a result

  • Customized waste management packages to suit the specific needs of all our clients

  • Transparent model, helping ensure maximum environmental practices

  • Handling labour and workforce- in line with laws, fair payment, attendance, and other HR compliances

  • Maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment for all building users

NEPRA recognizes the diverse range of waste management challenges facing different sectors, so we work hard to develop unique and innovative waste management solutions both for dry waste and wet waste for every client. Our solution is a right mix of labour and automation.

The CFM NEPRA helps build and run for your organisation, is your one stop waste management solution.

NEPRA is a CFM partner with several leading organisations. To know more, connect with us on info[at]